6-8 December 2022
6-8 December 2022


Chromatography: do the current developments respond to future challenges?


After a break, caused by the pandemic, we are happy to announce that the 12th National Chromatography Meeting (12ENC) will take place from the 6th to the 8th of December 2022 at the University of Aveiro. This is the only national congress focused on the topic of chromatography, and it intends to bring together the Portuguese chromatography community, including experts from academia, companies, and a wide set of people from public and private institutions. Also, it is expected to provide an atmosphere to share experiences and knowledge and improve the network between young researchers, namely undergraduate, master's and doctoral students, and seniors. This community will only be complete with the presence of exhibitors and sponsors who will have an exclusive space.

The event's program was also designed to bring together the Portuguese chromatography community in Portugal with experts from other countries. Namely, in the program of this 12th edition we are honoured to include an afternoon dedicated to XIV WARPA (Workshop em Avanços Recentes no Preparo de Amostras). In this way, we can strengthen relations with the internationally recognized Brazilian community in the area of sample preparation and chromatography. In this event, a Portuguese researcher will also be awarded with Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn medal.

The scientific program will include plenary lectures, oral presentations by young researchers and poster presentations, some of which will also be selected for short oral presentations.

This event is intended to address the latest instrumental and methodological developments, as well as conceptual innovations and applications to discuss how chromatography and related techniques play a central role to respond to current societal challenges, namely safety, health and well-being, sustainability, healthy eating and new ingredients, climate change, management of environmental contaminants, crisis management, space exploration, among others.


Regularly visit the meeting's website for up-to-date information.


See you soon in Aveiro University!

Silvia Rocha

Sílvia M. Rocha

President of the SPQ Chromatography Group